Oscar Mayer Bacon Is No Longer Hiding the Blubber

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In 1924, Oscar F. Mayer (who’d started a butcher shop in Chicago with his brother Gottfried) patented presliced, packed bacon. Soon, Mayer added the brand’s signature yellow band, which quickly became an instantly recognizable guarantee of quality. That was important. Each and every American put away around 120 pounds of meat (including bacon) every year. Concerns focused on product integrity. Cholesterol? Fat? Foreign words!
Those blissful days ended in 1984 when Time magazine devoted its March 26 issue’s cover story to a groundbreaking study by Dr. Basil Rifkind, one that scientifically linked consumption of fat with heart disease. Outspoken and confident, Rifkind did not mince words about his findings. “The majority of people don’t know that they are a time bomb,” he said, and ordered us all to cut the fat—or die.  ADWEEK – Read more…

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