Raising the Bar High

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The Coca-Cola Co.’s bid to lure grocery shoppers back down the beverage aisle is the new Beverage Aisle Reinvention (BAR) system, an innovation that affects the entire sparkling beverage category, not just Coca-Cola brands. According to the Atlanta-based company, the transformation includes such elements as signage, organization, intentional lighting, fixture enhancements, all of which aim to enhance the shopping experience.
Currently being tested at Coca-Cola’s Shopper Experience Innovation Center (SEIC), BAR reorganizes the sparkling beverage aisle into defined brand zones. Color, signage and a variety of other elements and techniques work in concert to provide shoppers with a better shopping experience. Further, the system employs existing shelving equipment, lowering added cost and allowing for immediate scale.  Progressive Grocer – Read more…

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