Private Label Food Products Wage Turf War with National Brands

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Private label food brands sold by supermarkets and other retailers, long a shopping-list staple of budget-conscious consumers, continue to chip away at the dominance — and market share—of highly advertised national brands, according to a new report. These house brands are on track to achieve market penetration of between 25 percent and 30 percent in the next decade, up from their current market share of less than 20 percent. By 2025, one in every three food product purchases in the U.S. will be a private label product.
House brands have grown 6 percent over the last five years, compared with just 2 percent growth in sales of national branded packaged food manufacturers, according to a new report that looks at the drivers behind of the rising power of private label brands. The report was prepared by Rabobank, a financial services provider.  Business News Daily – Read more…

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