Rise of The Millennials and Aging of The Boomer Generation – ‘Trouble In Aisle 5’

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Jefferies, the global investment bank, and AlixPartners, the global business advisory firm, announced the findings of their new joint study, Trouble in Aisle 5, which finds that the traditional food-at-home vertical, which is already facing trouble, is likely to see its challenges accelerate over the next few years. The study, which included a survey of 2,000 consumers conducted in May, finds that a confluence of factors appear poised to rapidly transform the food-at-home industry. The confluence of changing demographics, economic factors and customer preferences has the potential to create a long-term disruption across the food-industry value chain that transforms where and how consumers shop for groceries as well as what products they choose. ​Trouble in Aisle 5 – Read more…

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