Coca-Cola’s Kimberly Paige on Thinking Beyond Ethnicity

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In honor of Black History Month, Ad Age caught up with a number of marketing and advertising executives for a Q&A. The final in the series is Kimberly Paige, assistant VP-African American marketing group, Coca-Cola North America.


AA: How did you get into the business? Any advertising heroes? Professors? Celebrities you looked up to?


Ms. Paige: I started in the business at Procter & Gamble and was able to build core marketing brand building capabilities. From marketing Cascade dishwashing detergent to Brand Sprite, the fundamentals are the same. As a marketer you have to consistently deliver on your brand promise in an emotional and compelling way. When people love your brand and see its value, not only will they buy it more often, and sometimes at a premium, but they will become an advocate and one of your "super fans." That’s the power of marketing and why I love this business.  Advertising Age – Read more…
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