Study Shows Shopper Behavior

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — A research project quantifying shopper behavior in supermarkets using video cameras to track customer movements has begun to illustrate how shoppers act with regard to certain categories in the stores.​


Preliminary data from the research, which is being conducted by VideoMining Corp. here, show the performance of certain product categories relative to Center Store overall by measuring share of traffic, shopper engagement within the category — measured by the customer stopping — and sales relative to traffic and engagement.


The Center Store Mega-Study, which began last October in eight different supermarkets (in geographically dispersed markets) under five different banners, uses up to 150 cameras per store to track shopper behavior. The second phase of the study is scheduled to launch in May in at least 15 supermarkets operating under seven to eight different banners. Supermarket News – Read more…


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