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There’s a problem in the low-priced detergent category: parity performance. It’s the shopper’s assumption that all discount brands are pretty much the same. That assumption is normally a brand’s kiss of death—but if you’re Purex’s Eric Schwartz, it’s an opportunity. “The advantage of being a value brand,” he says, “is that you can offer a consumer new reasons to be interested—and she assumes there’s already value associated.”


For Schwartz, giving shoppers new reasons to be interested is something of an obsession—one he’s used to propel an 89-year-old budget brand into the top-shelf category in less than three years. Taking advantage of the market slack created when Unilever sold of its detergent behemoths (including Wisk and All) in 2008, Schwartz’s first move was to rush two premium extensions into stores: Purex Complete 3-in-1 and, this past year, Purex Crystals—detergent, softener, and anti-static combos that delivered a superior wash for about 30 cents. AdWeek – Read more…
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