App Privacy Policy

De Data Pty Ltd ABN: 16 078 767 521 (De Data) is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our Clients.

The following Privacy Policy reflects our commitment to privacy in compliance with the National Privacy Principles.

The Type of Personal Information We Collect

The personal information collected by De Data includes in the context of provision of software or software consulting services include:

  • Your name, contact details, etc; and
  • Personal information that is normally required to be transferred between a Client and Vendor in the context of providing response to request for proposals and quotations for services, product demonstrations etc.

Where possible, we obtain most of the personal information we collect about our clients from them directly.

How We Hold Personal Information

De Data takes reasonable precautions to secure personal information that we hold and endeavour to keep this information accurate and up to date. This personal information is stored in secure files or on a secure server.

How We Use and Disclose Personal Information

Generally, the use of personal information collected by De Data will be disclosed at the time of collection, or otherwise as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Generally, we will use and disclose personal information where it is:

  • Via direct marketing to provide information about our products or services including keeping clients informed of events that may be of interest. If an individual does not wish to receive information this way, they can call, e-mail or write to De Data on the details provided below under “Contact Us”.
  • To organisations which provide services to us such as function coordinators; and/or
  • To a company related to us.
  • Unless required by law, we will seek consent if we require personal information for any other purpose.

How to Obtain Access to Personal Information

A client who requests it can gain access to the personal information we hold about them by making application for access to De Data.

If the granting of access results in the identification of information that is not accurate, complete or up-to-date, generally, we will make corrections to the information.

We will respond to the request to update information as quickly as possible.

If you require any further information or have any problems or concerns relating to De Data’s Privacy Policy, please call us on +61 (2) 9279 3737, email us at or write to us at Newington Technology Park, Unit 44, 8 Avenue of Americas, NEWINGTON NSW 2127 AUSTRALIA.

We will respond to your queries as soon as possible.