Cotton On mastering the middle market

 In Australia, NewZealand
The front door of Cotton On’s headquarters gives little away about the global retail empire controlled from this commercial property.
The single-level, smoky glass facade is as unremarkable as the rest of the Shepherd Court architecture but to step inside is to enter the lively Cotton On Group campus, a sprawling operation that commands an ever-growing chunk of North Geelong acreage.
The property is the design hub for Cotton On’s suite of brands, including it’s popular Cotton On Kids, as well as Cotton On Body, Factorie, Supre as well as its expansionist stationery brand Typo.
Walking from the leafy, garden cafe to the retail outlet and past the Cotton On Group Uni (its training centre), it’s impossible not to draw comparisons with the broadacre headquarters of global brands like Google and Disney, but the retail group’s leaders eschew comparisons. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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