The ‘Made In’ Moniker Really Matters Around the World

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As multinational companies (MNCs) continue to expand into new markets, often providing access to a greater range of products for local consumers, are local companies getting lost in the shuffle? Not necessarily so. In fact, many local companies are thriving, despite being suddenly faced with daunting foreign rivals that have an array of advantages, including vast financial resources, diverse talent pools and sophisticated technology infrastructures, supply chains and operating practices. By leaning on their flexibility and agility, as well as their often superior grasp of the domestic operating environment, local companies are leveraging their unique advantages to resonate with consumers.
All of this cross-border expansion, however, has greatly complicated traditional definitions of country of origin. Some iconic “local” brands are actually manufactured abroad, while some foreign brands have built a manufacturing presence in local markets. And some global brands have been in a market so long that many consumers actually perceive them to be local. Nonetheless, brand origin can be an extremely valuable asset for both global and local companies. Nielsen – Read more…

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