Expert Column: Which e-Grocer Persona Are You?

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Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of grocery. Digital advancements have upended the traditional business differentiators of price, convenience, product selection and customer experience. The industry is already seeing a variety of reactions to digital advancements, with some grocers touting omni-channel adoption as a key differentiator, while others are hesitant to embrace the digital movement. One thing all grocers can agree upon, though, is their concern with how technology will eventually affect their bottom line. Regardless of whether they participate, technological innovation is creating a tectonic shift within the grocery industry.
Over the past 16 years, MyWebGrocer has encountered four types of grocer personas, or archetypes, each with their own reaction to digital. Each persona has been developed out of previously existing characteristics within the corporate structure.  Progressive Grocer – Read more…

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