How the Battle between CPG and Retailers Is Changing

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The battle for dominance between retailers and manufacturers has been ongoing for decades. Manufacturers see themselves as the dominant partner, in that without them retailers would have nothing to sell, and no marketing to drive demand for products. Not surprisingly, retailers have a different take: without them there would be no outlet for CPG products that makes sense for shoppers.
Recently the war has witnessed the execution of a new “burn the boats” strategy. In March 2013, Whole Foods announced that it would require all products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to be labeled as such, or it will no longer carry them. Given the large scope involved, Whole Foods will enact this requirement over time with a goal of being in compliance by 2018. How much of the CPG world will decide to go along with the requirement remains to be seen. One could argue that Whole Foods set the date far enough in the future in the hopes that the federal government, or at least a number of states, will have already passed laws by then requiring the same regulation on GMO labeling. 
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