Online grocery: Strategies to win within and beyond the store

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A battle is brewing in the online grocery space between traditional retailers and online only retailers. Both are trying to expand their capabilities to offer
a broader total solution to the customer. Those who win will innovate to cater to emerging customer needs and thus capture a disproportional share of wallet.
While books, electronics, and apparel have seen a large share of sales move online, adoption continues to be relatively slow in food, with fresh foods particularly lagging in the shift to online. A few key factors are likely to prevent grocery shoppers from transitioning online as quickly and dramatically. In a highly competitive and price sensitive market, paying delivery fees that amount to five percent or more of total basket price will be unpalatable to many customer segments. In addition, many shoppers will still place a high value on the in-store experience, and brick and mortar retailers will continue to focus on improving the shopping experience.  Supermarket News – Read more…

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