Study Shows Prevalence of Consumer ‘Webrooming’

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More people researching online and buying in local stores.


Retailers who fume about showrooming may find a new report from Merchant Warehouse is a welcome reality check. The company, which is focused on business payment solutions, has melded together information from several research reports and surveys to show the prominence of a counter trend: webrooming.
Showrooming describes consumers who price shop online after visiting physical stores. Webrooming refers to the process of researching products online and then visiting a store to make a purchase.
According to Merchant Warehouse’s findings, 69 percent of people with smartphones in the 18-36 demo have webroomed, while only 50 percent have showroomed. Among 37-48 year olds, 71 percent have webroomed versus 53 percent who have showroomed.  Ad Week – Read more…

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