‘Impulsive Behavior’

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Way back in his retailer days, Casey McKenzie had the opportunity to sell a singing, animatronic largemouth bass and passed on it. It’s a decision he remembers to this day; that’s because in its first year alone, Big Mouth Billy Bass became a huge novelty sensation and went on to ring up $100 million in sales.
All retailers have similar tales of the one that got away–whether it is a new product that seems like a gimmick but becomes a breakout hit, or the many customers who buy fuel–and nothing else. That’s the incredible challenge and opportunity of impulse sales, and the nearly 40 attendees of CSP’s 2013 Driving Impulse Sales meeting gathered in Chicago last week to hash out the best approaches to triggering a purchase in snacks, candy, general merchandise and HBC.  CSP – Read more…

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